The Immanence team would like to announce that after five years of this labor of love, we are ready for a year off. So we’re going to take one.

We plan to stay connected and work together, and we are proud of what we have created: so much so that we are leaving it up so you can keep coming back to it.

Thanks so much for all your interest in the very important topic of how folklore lives and reinvents itself every day.

To continue to access all editions of Immanence available online for free, please go here.

Meanwhile further announcements will appear at our Facebook page as we go forward, so keep an eye on it.

~ The Immanence editorial team


Immanence was founded in 2014 by depth psychologist and graduate mythology teacher Craig Chalquist, PhD to provide a forum for exploring how myth, legend, and folklore appear and reappear today.

A primary goal of the Journal is to publish well-researched articles, interesting personal stories, book and film reviews, and poetry for readers interested in lively and jargon-free writing on these topics. Stories are drawn from all over the world and read carefully by our Editorial Board. Our overall direction is overseen by our Board of Mentors.

The etymology of the word apply refers to bringing things together. Applied folklore traces connections between tale and teller, myth and meaning, ancestral and individual, ancient and contemporary. We are fascinated by the sudden reappearance of ancient mythic plots and imagery and in the creation of new myths and folktales, fairy tales and legends.

The Journal holds that storied material is best tended from many different perspectives. Diversity of outlook makes stories and their motifs and images come vividly to life, revealing their ongoing relevance for us.
Immanence is an imprint of World Soul Books.