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The Healing and Inspiring Power of Story: A Glance at the Science

Craig Chalquist, PhDFounding Editor of Immanence: The Journal of Applied Story, Myth, and Folklore Our Stories Define Us             In 1851, a patient named Rika van B. saw Dr. Andries Hoek for what we now call psychotherapy. She let him hypnotize her but insisted on active participation in the treatment. As she recounted the sources […]

The Ocarina by Nadine Scully

Access the full short story of “The Ocarina” by Nadine Scully from our Fall/Winter 2018 edition here: FALL 2018 The Ocarina by Nadine Scully Want FREE access to our the entire Fall/Winter edition of Immanence Journal, along with all of our past editions? Sign up here: http://www.immanencejournal.com/subscribe-to-immanence/

Restorying Immanence Journal

Craig Chalquist, PhD Founding Editor Since 2014, the editors and designers of Immanence Journal have worked earnestly, creatively, and playfully to bring to our subscribers thoughtful and original content in beautifully designed digital editions. We set out from the start to keep the journal affordable. With our Fall 2018 edition (“Voices of the Feminine”), we […]

The Return of the King: Winter Solstice Season 2017

By Zhiwa Woodbury In times such as these we now inhabit, the mysteriously chthonic power of winter solstice – driving us inward during the darkest, longest night in the deepening cold of winter – takes on particular resonance. Amplifying that resonance exponentially this year, the heavenly sovereign Saturn will be led back into his kingdom, […]

The Visionary City: William Blake’s London

By Kevan Manwaring © 2017 Another England there I saw, Another London with its Tower. Another Thames and other hills, And another pleasant Surrey bower. In April 1803 the visionary artist and poet William Blake left Felpham and returned to London. He wrote to his patron Thomas Butts that he was overjoyed to return to […]

On the “Problem” of Evil, by Craig Chalquist, PhD

Why does evil exist? That is the question of Western theologians, who refer to it as “the problem of evil.” A second question often comes along for the ride: Can evil be eradicated completely? One of the benefits of having counseled batterers, murderers, rapists, and the occasional gangster and hitman for six years—all this after […]

On the Mythuse of Mythic Symbols

On Saturday, August 12th, 2017, crowds of white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia marched forth waving flags, banners, and signs bearing symbols out of ancient Germanic mythology.   One of the supremacists drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters and murdered 32-year-old paralegal Heather Heyer. Two state troopers also died when their helicopter crashed. Initial […]

Pulling Out the Devil’s Hairs

We’ve all heard the advice about facing our fears. What usually goes unanswered, though, is the question: How come I faced my fears and they’ve returned? They often do. A professor I know who has spoken to the United States Congress still gets anxious before starting a class. Remembering this makes me glad and grateful […]

Oonagh’s Insurgency

We live in times of peril. Brexit. Terrorism. Civil war in Syria. White supremacists now in charge in Washington, where global warming denial is set to become a national policy. What hints can folklore offer for meeting such a time? We tend to think that resistance to injustice must always be heroic. Certainly, heroic activism has protected what […]

Trickster Goes to Washington

Myths are to societies as dreams are to individuals: image-packed indicators of what’s really going on down deep inside. And because the same human dilemmas recur, the characters do too. Scratch the surface of a well-known person, place, or event, and you’ll often find a bit of myth hiding beneath it, and under that, a […]

Myth 101: Modern Myths?

In our first edition of Myth 101, a column dedicated to explaining mythological terms and concepts, Craig Chalquist addresses the question …  Are There Modern Myths? This is a contentious issue. Most folklorists would say no. A myth is an originally oral telling involving a traditional or sacred story handed down over many generations. As […]

Almost there…

We are almost ready to launch our first edition of Immanence Journal. In the meantime, please enjoy browsing our website and reading our blog posts (maybe while drinking a nice cup of coffee…). If you would like to keep in touch with us please sign up for our newsletter! You will be the first to […]