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Mythology and Archetypal Activism

  Immanence Journal is proud to present a series of free webinars and classes exclusive to our newsletter subscribers. Our first topic will be Mythology and Archetypal Activism, an interview with Craig Chalquist, PhD, department chair of East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate […]

The bloody mess of Myth

Not too long ago, I took a Mythology class through HarvardX, the online University-wide platform. It was a fantastic tour de force of the major Greek works of antiquity: Homer, Hesiod, Sappho, Euripides and many more, who introduced me to the world of ancient Greek epic and lyric poetry. While reading the Odyssey and the […]

Radioactive Hestia

Thirty years ago this week, the world woke up to the worst nuclear disaster it had ever known: on April 26, 1986, Chernobyl’s Nuclear Plant Reactor N. 4 exploded during a routine test and sent a plume of radiation that traveled across Europe for weeks. A radioactive fire burned on site for 11 days, and […]

Animate California

To commemorate this year’s Earth Day, we introduce the themes of Terrapsychology, the study of our deep and usually unconscious connections to the places where we live and work.  Terrapsychology goes beyond surface cause-effect relations to look at how landscapes, weather, and nature sculpt our ideas, habits, relationships, our broader culture and our own sense […]

Conscious Apocalypse

  This month we continue with our series of webinars to introduce concepts relevant to today’s mythology. Our focus today is on Conscious Apocalypse and how to outlive our ruling institutions. Although zealots have maintained for centuries that the world is about to end, is there nevertheless something apocalyptic about global warming, mass extinction, and […]

Mythology and Archetypal Psychology in Today’s World

  Pacifica Alumnus Craig Chalquist has built a career on sharing, applying, and working with Mythology and Archetypal Psychology in a way that connects these topics to global events and changes in our personal and collective psyche. Currently Dr. Chalquist is seeing a rise on the topic of Mythology and the application of its scholarship […]