Where did October get its name?

by Craig Chalquist

October was the eighth (octo) month of the old Roman calendar.

If September is a month of starting an initiatory path, October takes us fully into transitioning it as temperatures start to drop and Fall begins in the Northern Hemisphere. Eight is twice four, with four a number of wholeness in Jungian psychology; the Gnostic Ogdoad of eight higher gods; in Islam, the number of angels carrying God’s throne; laid on its side, the symbol of infinity.

In this month in which Earthly life touches Eternity falls Halloween / Samhain / All Soul’s Day / Day of the Dead.

As the weather cools and the leaves turn yellow, orange, brown, and red, where in my life do the immortal and the earthly intersect? What is dying, and what beyond that awaits rebirth? What is my relationship to my ancestors, and how might they look over my shoulder this month?



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Looking for more Myth in the News? Check out this piece by community member and Immanence blogger Gabe Crane, delving into some curious intersections between professional sports, election season, animal symbolism, and religious ritual: “This Goat is the G.O.A.T.” 


Myth and Music: Seasonal Selections

This month, team member Lola McCrary shares several songs with us reflecting mythic themes from different cultures observing the autumn season. Click on the links to enjoy!  mexico-1568215_960_720

El-Haru Kuroi: Dia de los Muertos

Alexander JamesAdams: Harvest Season-Second Cutting

Loreena McKennitt: Night Ride Across the Caucasus

SJ Tucker: Come to the Labyrinth

Talis Kimberley: Uffington Hill

Soul Caking (A Short Play)


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