Restorying Immanence Journal

Craig Chalquist, PhD

Founding Editor

Since 2014, the editors and designers of Immanence Journal have worked earnestly, creatively, and playfully to bring to our subscribers thoughtful and original content in beautifully designed digital editions. We set out from the start to keep the journal affordable.

With our Fall 2018 edition (“Voices of the Feminine”), we will take affordability a step further and make our journal free. We will allow sponsors whose values we agree with to place their ads at the end of each edition, giving us enough revenue to maintain the Journal.

For us, this compromise resists commercial publishing’s escalation of higher and higher prices at exactly the time those prices should come down because of technological progress toward online offerings and print-on-demand. As an academic, I find it annoying to find an excerpt from a long-sought online article only to be charged a ridiculously high fee just to read the rest. I have said no thanks to publishers who approached me to write books priced at $100 or more. My own offerings via World Soul Books are affordable and will remain so. I refuse to teach classes that require me to assign expensive textbooks.

If you appreciate writing of good quality that highlights the wisdom ever-present in folklore, a wisdom unlocked by fresh retellings from many perspectives, then please tell people about Immanence Journal, whose goal is to help us all move toward more just, thoughtful, and loving ways of being one reinterpreted tale at a time.

Find out more and sign up for free access to all our past and future issues here.

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