Immanence is proud to present the premiere of Sir Viss, an animatic composed of live storytelling by Michelle Tocher, combined with film by David Adkin and illustration by Richard Row. The story of Sir Viss was created by Tocher and her team specifically for our Fall/Winter 2017 issue: “Rulers and Rebels.” The tale illuminates questions of loyalty, boundaries, risk and compassion (key aspects to determining when and where to rebel) as well as questions of the uses and misuses of authority. We extend our appreciation to Michelle and to her entire team for this timely and timeless work.



Michelle Tocher
Writer/Performer/Executive Producer

Author of six books, including How to Ride a Dragon: Women with Breast Cancer Tell Their Stories, and co-author of Brave Work: The Hero’s Journey at Work, Michelle Tocher has a deep understanding of the healing power of storytelling. Tocher has served as an Artist in Residence for several organizations, including Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto, a supportive community for people with cancer, and Casey House, a hospice and treatment center for people with HIV/AIDS. As a professional communicator, she ran a company for ten years and produced books and educational materials for many health and social organizations. She has two masters degrees, in the history of science, the other in journalism. You can learn more about her at and


David Adkin
Film Producer/Director/Editor

Adkin is an award-winning director, producer, writer and editor with over 25 years experience in the Canadian film and television industry.  His documentary films have been screened at major international film festivals and have aired in Canada and around the world on many networks including PBS, HBO/Cinemax, CBC, ORF, Bravo!, TVOntario, and History Television.  Passionate about human rights and social justice issues, Adkin has developed and facilitated community-based filmmaking initiatives working with youth and newcomer adults.  He has also edited dozens of film projects ranging from shorts to TV one-hours and feature-length documentaries.  Adkin has an MFA in Film from York University.


Richard Row

Richard Row is a commercial storyboard artist and illustrator working in Toronto. In addition to a long career of creating storyboards for advertising agencies, he has illustrated adult and children’s books including Anne of Green Gables, The Farley Mowat Reader, The Kugel Valley Klezmer Band and The Broad Mind. He graduated from Queens University in 1979 with a BFA.